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The Swiss Jet flask for the injection, injection pressing moulding and casting method is an all-rounder. The corrosion resistant flasks, which close precisely due to the cone fit and which are designed for the highest continuous stresses, are easy to handle and do not require any additional installations such as compressed air and a special water connection.

Range of application

  • completion of partial and total dentures
  • model cast prostheses
  • telescopic and cover dentures
  • bite splints of all types

Material and advantages

  • no additional installations required, hydraulic press is sufficient
  • for heat-curing polymers, e.g. Merz Dental Promolux®
  • for cold-curing polymers, e.g. Merz Dental Weropress®
  • for vinyl polymer denture base materials, e.g. Luxene®
  • due to triangular shape, optimum height width-depth ratio
  • also extremely wide and high models are embedded without problem
  • no bracket required, screw connection takes place under pressure in the hydraulic press
  • constant pressure (20 kN approx. 50 bars)
  • optimum compression of the resin
  • no cartridge waste and residue, no costly incidentals such as sealing rings and injection elements
  • closes precisely
  • corrosion-resistant

Form of delivery

  • combined injection flask and injection-pressing flask,
    REF 1030095
    (incl. screw driver and channel cutter Ø 8 mm)

Swiss Jet convinces with its simple use and processing of hot-curing and cold-curing polymers while achieving the highest possible compression and lowest bite raising.
Max Bosshart, MDT (Einsiedeln, CH)

Swiss Jet injection flask

Swiss Jet injection-pressing flask

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