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Time-Proven A-D Shades


Shade communication between dentists and dental technicians is eminently important. Only a reliable and well-proven shade guide can be successfully used for this important function.

Millions of dentists and dental laboratories all over the world have opted for the shade guide with the classical shades designated A1 to D4 in recent years. And many manufacturers of veneering ceramics, composites, denture teeth, but also restorative materials have followed the market and introduced this user-friendly shade standard for their products.
This development offers many advantages for dentists and laboratories alike, for example, the freedom to use materials offered different manufacturers rather than being restricted to a single one.

In order to preserve this standard and to keep it independent, DeguDent, Heraeus Kulzer, Ivoclar Vivadent, Merz Dental and Wieland Dental + Technik decided to join forces in providing standardized shade guides for dentists and dental technicians.

Their A-D Shadeguide Workgroup, which is open to all dental manufacturers, has the aim to promote an established and generally recognized shade standard to ensure that dental professionals can meet their treatment objectives reliably and - by implication - more economically. This reliable common standard will be implemented consistently in the product portfolios offered by all member companies.

In addition to the well-known 16 standard shades of the A-D Shadeguide, it features four optional new bleach shades (BL1–BL4) available on a separate shade guide module.

The A-D Shadeguide will enable dentists and dental technicians to continue working with the familiar A to D shades and the four new bleach shades: consistently, reliably and with excellent shade fidelity.

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