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TiF® - Total prosthetics in function


The set-up of total dentures is definitely not among the easier tasks of a dental technician. Due to the agomphiasis, he can only find few points of orientation, which he can use for the tooth set-up. Based on the total prosthetics concept developed by Prof. Gerber, Karl-Heinz Körholz has developed a method, which determines and allows to check the former positions of teeth as well as statically suitable load areas of the denture bearing area by means of model analysis. This method as called the TiF® method (Total prosthetics in function) and is wellestablished at German universities, schools and laboratories

The model analysis is carried out after having inserted the models in the articulator. The analysis only takes a few minutes and provides important information for the tooth set-up taking into consideration the respective atrophy of the jaws. There is no need for complex devices and instruments or using a specific type of articulator that is suitable for total prosthetics including set-up aids and spherical caps thatare usually quite expensive. The TiF® method is thus not dependent on devices and does not require additional investments.

The systematic procedure ensures that the work result can be checked at any time. The set-up of each individual tooth can be determined and checked in all three dimensions by using very simple technical aids such that the technician can achieve and guarantee a consistently high quality standard in the field of total prosthetics in a short amount of time.

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